Facialist: Dominika Dracz-Le Grange

After my facial, I thought I’d find out more about the beauty professional behind my treatment.  Hailing originally from Poland, Dominika Dracz-Le Grange has been a professional therapist for 11 years; working with only the most luxurious, niche brands in the industry.


Explain your role at Biologique Recherche (BR)?

As a National Trainer, I am responsible for providing initial and refreshing training to all our sites – this includes new and existing therapists, reception teams.

I ensure all the teams who work with BR are up to date with the knowledge and provide the highest customer service when dealing with clients.  I also represent the company outside during different industry events. I deal with different enquires from our clients.

Did you grow up in London?

No, I’m originally from Poland, but I’ve been in the UK for the past 12 years. London is my home now. I grew up in the South of Poland, in a small town. I studied in the big city. After I qualified, I decided to move to London.

How does the typical Polish skincare routine differ to the English?

Eastern European ladies have got a different approach to skincare. We rather prevent it, then treat it or fix it later on. So, I remember going with my mum to the beauty therapist – I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. I remember waiting for her until she got her treatment done and it wasn’t once every 2 or 3 months…it was like once or twice a week sometimes! (laughs). My mum believes in massaging, and the different massaging techniques. She was always going for a massage.

We look after our skin, and in general, I think we do more at home. However, obviously, it’s changing over here, but that’s just in comparison.

“Eastern European ladies have got a different approach to skincare. We rather prevent it, then treat it or fix it later on”


How did you get into the beauty industry?

I initially worked for skincare brands in retail. I always knew that I would be a trainer for a skincare brand. So, I worked my way up really! So that’s how it started.

Have you always had an interest in skin and beauty?

Yes, pretty much. Biology and Chemistry were always my favourite subjects at school. So that’s why I felt that going into beauty would be a good choice for me. However, it wasn’t my first choice as I studied Economics back home (in Poland). But the knowledge hasn’t gone away..as I still combine it with what I do now.

Why did you choose to work for BR? Was there something in particular that attracted you to the brand? 

Yes, there is lots of science behind the brand. Also, it has very different techniques for facials. In the UK, BR is still very niche. Throughout my career with beauty, I have never worked with high street brands. I’ve always worked with quite niche brands. I think the quality of the products is always much better and they are passionate about the products and what they do…and I found that in BR.

They are constantly developing and evolving. They work on improving the existing formulas and work on coming up with new formulations. BR always aims for the best. You never stop learning with BR – there’s always something new to learn.

How would you describe BR in 3 words?

Cutting-edge. Innovative. Highly bespoke.

How would you say that BR differs from other skincare brands in the premium market?

Again that goes back to the high personalisation…we are a highly personalised brand. We prescribe you the products, while other brands don’t. Other brands may have started to do that, but we’ve been doing this 40 years. We started it first.

There’s loads of science behind it, always new techniques because obviously, we have Dr Allouche working on new protocols for new products too. BR is constantly growing.

What are your three favourite BR products?

It’s difficult to say, but I would say for me it’s Lotion P50, Biomagic Masque – I like the lifting, toning effect. Serum T.E.W.L – because I love oils, this is the only oil we do at BR. So it has a really rich formula and its based on mink-fat. It also contains raspberry seed oil and cranberry seed oil. A combination of different oils, so it’s nice and rich. I find my skin to be very dry and it absorbs oil very well.


“…we are a highly personalised brand”


Really?! I wouldn’t know that you have dry skin?

Well.. (laughs). BR products are working magic on it. My skin likes rich formulas.

What is your morning beauty routine?

I cleanse my skin with the Au Micellar Water Biosensible, I then use Lotion P50V, and then a combination of different quintessential serums. So I use the Colostrum, Collagen Natif, Elastin Pure. So I mix them together and then apply the Creme VG Derm. I also use eye cream – the Creme Contour Sensibio. Then finish with makeup.

What about your night time routine?

My night time routine is very simple. I just remove all of my makeup with the Lait E.V, and Solution Démaquillante pour Les Yeux. Then I either use one of my creams either VG Derm or Crème Dermo-RL, depending on what I used in the morning…so I do alternate them or I do the Overnight Masque Vernix – this is a very good overnight treatment for drier skin.

How do you maintain your body skin?

Well, obviously I take a shower every day! (laughs), sometimes a bath – but I’m too impatient for bathing. I then use the Lotion P50 Corp (only 2 or 3 times a week). It comes with a silicone glove, which has a great effect on stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation.

I use a combination of different body products – so I might use the Emulsion Corp VIP 02, or the Creme Dermo-RL (depending on the season, or whether my skin feels very dry). I like to use Creme Dermo-RL on my legs during the winter.

If I’ve been standing or walking a lot during the day, I use Crème Défatigante on my legs. It’s a cream which calms the legs and promotes blood circulation.

What are your beauty secrets in achieving great skin?

Everything in moderation! Don’t overdo it. I try not to over-exfoliate, although sometimes I’m really tempted to. Especially nowadays, we tend to think the more we do something, the better – which is not always the case, unfortunately.

What three skincare/make-up products could you not live without?

A Good cleanser- Biologique Recherche Lait EV, a moisturiser – Biologique Recherche VG Derm (at the moment) and mascara.


“Everything in moderation! Don’t overdo it”


How much do you spend a month on beauty (skincare and makeup)?

Not much to be honest as I’m not a product junkie at all, so it’s probably anything between £50-£150 a month depending what I need to replace.

Regarding the clients/customers that you meet, what would you say are the most common ‘skin mistakes’ that they make?

Over-exfoliation, especially for more mature clients. Using loads of different products which are acid-based, as sometimes they don’t work together. For younger clients, not taking off their make up off is a big thing! Or not even thinking about the necessity of taking off their makeup.

The two most important products I would say for your skin are a good cleanser and moisturiser. You can have the best moisturiser, but if you don’t cleanse your skin – it’s not going to do anything for your skin.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love yoga – so I go a few times a week. I also learn French. I used to speak French when I was at school, but because I haven’t been using the language for almost 18 years – I pretty much forgot it all. I decided to go back to it and start again. Otherwise, I just hang out with friends for dinner.

Where’s your favourite place to eat?

That’s hard to say; there’s so much available in London! I like this restaurant called Kiln – its Thai, and it’s on Broadwick Street. I like Bao. I love Italian too – especially seafood pasta.


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